Commitment to health, safety and the environment

We believe that our leadership in Corporate Responsibility should correspond to active participation in society. Hence, we are committed to working safely while maintaining maximum quality and respecting the environment. In turn, we apply the Naturgy Code of Ethics. This document embodies the company’s formal commitment to act in an upstanding, responsible and transparent fashion.

Risk map

As part of its commitment to innovation, Naturgy has designed a risk assessment tool for the company’s industrial facilities, which include the Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline. This tool adopts a separate methodology for each type of facility, seeking to identify risk points and their possible impacts on people, assets and the environment.

The goal sought is to prevent and minimise the impacts through periodic assessments of the facilities, thereby allowing possible improvements to be identified.

Health and safety

During the more than 19 years of experience of Metragaz, there has been no accident or situation requiring the suspension of MEG operations nor the interruption of supply to its customers.

Additionally, a global risk map has been developed to geographically show the general risks to which the company’s industrial facilities are exposed, identify areas, activities and assets that could be affected by certain events, and highlight risk factors for them.

Global risk management is mainly aimed at ensuring that the most relevant risks are correctly identified, assessed and managed. It is therefore possible to geographically represent a global overview of the risks to the group’s main facilities, at all its businesses and with an international perspective.

The risks assessed are those inherent to the operation of the facility and those relating to the environment. This risk assessment tool was completed in 2015 and is scheduled for implementation in 2016.

A school for autistic children in Tangier



In 1997 and through the Naturgy Foundation, Metragaz began construction on the Princess Lalla Meryem Institute for autistic children in Tangier. Construction was completed on 16 November 2001 and the centre was opened on 9 July 2002 by H.M. King Mohammed VI. Since then, Metragaz and the Naturgy Foundation have been supporting activity by the institute.

Furthermore, during construction of the installations for the Compression Station and Residence in Ain Bni Mathar, work was carried out to extract and pipe water from a well located approximately eight kilometres to the north. This water is used to supply three supply points for the nomadic tribes that live in the region, as well as the company’s installations.

Furthermore, a school was built next to the well to educate the children of the nomadic tribes that live in the region. The school has expanded twice since then; firstly in 2004 and again in 2016.

Corporate Responsibility Policy


The Naturgy Corporate Responsibility Policy establishes a common framework of action that steers the socially responsible conduct of the company.

The main goal of this policy is to establish the action principles and commitments made to its stakeholders, in line with the company’s corporate strategy, as well as to determine the responsibilities and specific monitoring instruments for ensuring compliance.

The Corporate Responsibility Policy of Naturgy contains the eight commitments accepted by the company in this area.

Code of Ethics

Naturgy conduct guidelines

Our eight commitments:

  • Service excellence

    The customer is the focal point for operations by Naturgy. Through active dialogue, the company aims to offer a swift and efficient response with excellent customer service and experiences, while meeting legal requirements, satisfying customer needs and meeting the commitments voluntarily made by the group.

  • Commitment to results

    The shareholders and investors of Naturgy represent one of the main stakeholder groups for the company. Hence, properly managing the risks and developing a sound business model with international growth potential capable of guaranteeing long-term sustainability are two key aspects of the business.

  • Responsible environmental management

    Naturgy is fully aware of the environmental impacts of its activities in the areas where it operates. Therefore, the company pays special attention to protecting the environment and to the efficient use of the natural resources needed to meet power demands. Naturgy goes beyond legal requirements and other requirements adopted by the company voluntarily in its care for the environment, involving suppliers and working with the various stakeholders to foster responsible energy use.

  • Interest in people

    Naturgy believes it is essential to foster a quality working environment based on respect, diversity, and personal and professional development. It also has a Code of Ethics establishing the guidelines that must govern the ethical conduct of all its employees during their daily work, in particular regarding those issues related to the relations and interactions maintained with all stakeholder groups.

  • Health and safety

    Naturgy plans and develops its activities keeping in mind that nothing is more important than people’s health, safety and wellbeing. In this context, our company’s activity goes beyond meeting legal obligations and other willingly adopted requirements to driving continuous growth in work conditions and the management of safety, heath and well-being. We involve not only Naturgy members but also suppliers, partner companies, clients and other groups of interest in order to avoid and prevent accidents and damage to your health while providing a safe, healthy atmosphere and promoting health and wellness.

  • Responsible supply chain

    Suppliers and partner companies are essential links in achieving streamlined operation of the Naturgy value chain, with which the company strives to maintain long-term, stable and sound trust relationships of mutual benefit under the principles of effectiveness and risk management.

  • Social commitment

    Naturgy is committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which it operates by providing knowledge, management capacity and creativity, as well as allocating a part of its profits to social investment. Fluid and constant dialogue with society provides the company with information on the expectations and interests of the communities in which it operates and thus enables it to become involved in their development by trying to offer a response that best suits their needs.

  • Integrity and transparency

    Naturgy believes that the trust of its customers, professionals, suppliers and external partners, shareholders, investors and financiers, regulators and other stakeholders in the market and social groups should be based on integrity, with this being understood as ethical, honest and responsible actions being undertaken in good faith by each and every person who works at or for the group.